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    You doctors can submit claims for you either electronically or on paper forms. We use the industry standard type of Health Insurance Claim Form "HCFA-1500" for all claims except hospitals they use form "UB-92".

    Your should complete the top part of the HCFA-1500 form, your doctor will complete the bottom. Before you send the form to us make sure it is complete. Make sure your doctor has included the following:
  1. A diagnosis code (ICD-9)
  2. Service codes (CPT) for each service performed
  3. The date of service and charge for each service

    IMPORTANT- Look at the services performed. Make sure there are no charges for services you did not receive. Although there are doctors that bill for unperformed services (fraud), it is more than likely a billing error made by the doctor or a member of his staff. If you show them the error they will correct it. If they don't and you feel you are being charged for services not performed, please let us know about it. Perhaps we can be of help.

    We have been asked , why this is important?
Healthcare fraud is everyone's business. The service provider who overcharges, lines his pockets. You or your employer will see that extra charge in the form of higher premiums next year. The bottom line is you ultimately are paying for it. You have to be crazy to help someone rip you off. Instead of helping you should be offended. In addition it is a crime to defraud an insurer or payer of health claims. Don't let a dishonest provider make you feel guilty for not helping them steal, especially when they are stealing from you.

  Claim forms should be mailed to:
Infinity Administrators, Inc.
P.O. Box 979
Plainview, NY 11803

There is a $5.00 fee charged to claims submitted without proper HCFA forms Bills submitted on a prescription form or note pad will not be accepted


    Your plan of benefits provides access to our provider networks. These networks can save you a significant amount of money when you take advantage of them. Click to access a network as listed under your plan of coverage This will access the networks on your plan. All links will result in a pop up window to the sight of the database you requested. To return close the pop up window.
  1. Health-Flex 365
      MultiPlan - America's largest premier network of medical care providers
      DDS - Dental Network
      Holistic Network (H)
      Optical Networks
      Rx (Locate a Pharmacy, Drug Lookup, Review your Rx History, and Mail Order Information)

  2. Health-Flex 55
      DDS - Dental Network (H)
      Optical Networks
      Rx (Locate a Pharmacy, Drug Lookup, Review your Rx History, and Mail Order Information)

  3. Health-Flex Dental Plus
      DDS - Dental Network (H)
      Optical Networks

  4. ASO/TPA Services (Check your plan booklet, not all types of providers may be covered)
      MultiPlan - America's largest premier network of medical care providers (H).
      DDS - Dental Network (H)
      Holistic Network (H)
      Specialty Networks
      Optical Networks
      Rx (Locate a Pharmacy, Drug Lookup, Review your Rx History, and Mail Order Information)

Click on Rx above or here to go to the myCatamaranRx site; to locate a list all Pharmacies in an area; enter your address, City and State or the Zip code and the distance away, select in-plan and or 24 hour Pharmacies; a list will appear a list of Pharmacies in your area. If no Pharmacies appear un-check the 24 hour Pharmacies only box or change the distance from your address.


    Drugs play an important part of medical care. Using medicines can reduce your need for expensive medical treatments as well as prolong your life. Many of the great medical breakthroughs of the day are related to new and more effective medicines. Unfortunately many physicians tend to prescribe drugs that are popular rather than those that are cost effective. We have compiled a listing of over 50,000 drugs that can be purchased for $30.00. or less. This price will give you a thirty day supply or a full course of treatment if less than 30 days.

    We urge you to search this list and show your doctor the list of drugs that are for your ailment. It may be possible for him to prescribe one from this list and save you from having to purchase high price medication . This list can be researched by the medical condition you are treating. This list is created by our Pharmacy Benefit Manager and the prices listed are available with the Mail order program. For additional information you may contact the Pharmacy Benefit Manager at

    The drug benefit is available for participants with:
Health-Flex +, Health-Flex Plus, Health-Flex 365, Health-Flex 55 and ASO/TPA services

    Although there are 53,000 Pharmacies on our network (you will have a tough time finding one that's not in our network), you will experience the greatest savings using our mail order program.

Your maximum savings occur when utilizing the mail order program

To find and use the mail order form go to myCatamaranRx.



      When entering a hospital or emergency room, request to be treated by MultiPlan network providers. If you don’t ask no one will know that’s what you want.

      Ask questions, understand your treatment, and its cost.

      When you ask for a doctor appointment, you will be asked about your medical insurance. When you are asked tell whoever asks that you are in the MultiPlan network. If you say Healthflex they may or may not know who Healthflex is. They will know MultiPlan.

      When making an appointment with a dentist use DDS network. that is the name of the dental network. They may not recognize the name Health-Flex. They will know the name of the network they are on.

      When laboratory services are utilized you will very often receive a bill. If you do receive a bill do not pay it, send that bill to us. We will reprice it as per our schedule. The saving to you is usually 30%-50%. Try to use Quest Labs, tell your doctor to use Quest Labs for your lab tests. We have a flat 45% discount schedule with them. It’s your money, we think its better when you get to keep it.

      When a doctor is prescribing medication ask the doctor if he can prescribe a generic medication. In most States (including New York) the generic is exactly the same formula as the non-generic, at a much lower cost. Use the drug database it list thousands of drugs non-generic, generic and some that can be purchased over the counter without a prescription that can be purchased for $30.00 or less. This list has not been designed to replace your doctors opinion. There are usually many drugs that can be used to treat the same problem. We believe that one might want to try the cost effective treatment first. That is unless you don’t care what you spend, but then you wouldn’t be reading this now. The fact is you do care and the responsibility for effective cost control starts with you, the consumer.

      That’s why we call it:



      We’re here for you, call anytime you need us.

Infinity Health Plans



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Q: I purchased drugs at two different Drug stores. Why was it cheaper to buy one of the drugs at one store, while the other drug was cheaper at another store?

ANS: Drug stores like all other business buys from manufacturers and suppliers. When a manufacturer or supplier is overstocked they offer discounts to the retailer to move their inventory. Stores that can take advantage of these discounts can pass part of the savings to their customer. It pays to check each time you shop for which store has the lowest price in your area. The same store might not be lowest all the time. There can very large savings here. We found over a hundred dollar savings on an antibiotic. What really surprised us was the lowest price was not one of the drug store chains. It was in a supermarket pharmacy dept.

Q: My friend asked me to ask about portability under H.I.P.A.A. What is H.I.P.A.A.?

ANS: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a complex law that covers Many areas of healthcare including; portability, Privacy, Electronic Claim Standards, records and more. The main feature that you address is portability. Portability is important to you because you may want to switch your existing coverage to some other coverage (for any number of personal reasons) at sometime in the future. Health-Flex + meets the standard of portability under H.I.P.A.A. and we do issue a certificate of credible coverage as provided for under H.I.P.A.A. A topic of great concern is privacy. You should know that Infinty Health Plans will never disclose any confidential medical information, or other information such as your social security number, address or phone number to anyone you have not authorized, unless permitted under H.I.P.A.A. or by a court order. If you want to allow a spouse or parent access to confidential medical information you must tell us in writing.

Q: How do we make changes to our plan?

ANS: depends on the change. Most changes are make by calling our customer service department. They will direct you to, or send you the proper form to effect change. You may fax the form back to us and mail the original. Changes including terminations can only be made to be effective at the end of the month and never backwards.